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I file a complaint with CPS Dallas in regards to the care and well being of 3 children, my nieces and nephew. Know for sure my sister is a drug user. I witnessed her high. I know for sure my sister is neglectful. My sister had 3 other reported cases in the state of Florida. She slid out of those cases and then slid out of the Florida. She is a runner! I gave CPS everything they needed to do a well fair check on the kids. Photos of kids and my... Read more

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Need to check on child at 1303 bell st.10 people livng there an dirty.boy app 5.cops there alot

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Well, my kids were removed and cps ensured me as long as I cooperated and did thier safety plan I could have my kids back. My case worker Diane Armstrong and her supervisor Jesse ensured me of this. I have passed every drug test, taking every class done the therapy and drug assessment. And now that I have completed the plan Jesse and Diane don't think they should have to honor thier words although I honored mine and proven that I will go to the... Read more

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My children has been fausly removed from my custody due to a case worker filing lies. There was no evidence of neglect i was not charged or proven guilty on anything. My daughters are healthy children and attend great schools and are good students. No One is listening to me or my girls..there only going off of an assumption. This is unfair, unjust and unamerican. I was asigned a training case worker whos breaking all the rules. Shes not even... Read more

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Riverside county is a very poor example of trying to help kids, there staff barley have geds and turn over daily. They come out and havent even read the files. A total disgrace for our tax dollars.

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My husband and I had a baby 8 months ago. My baby and I tested positive for methamphetamines at the time of birth. My baby did not have any problems at birth no addiction or withdrawls there wasn't even an administrative hold place from the hospital. We got discharged less then 24hr after birth. before discharge I was told that morning that cps investigator will be coming to interview us because of the positive UA. I was unaware that they did a... Read more

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Im sarah and im curentley in court for my 1year old baby she was takein from the hospitle in buffalo and i have pic proof that the room they kept us in for our visits was un safe and i have compland to the qorker about when i change my child that her down under was always red she said it was because she was a preme i dont know what to do about these people

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You would think an agency dedicated to the well being of our most precious beings... Our children, would be filled with caring, intelligent, compassionate, organized individuals. That take pride in their work. Respect their work. Go through each day with integrity. But no we have a bunch of simple minded, immature, arrogant fools (excuse me but it's true) barking orders... Modifying this and that... Pushing people and cutting corners..... Read more

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my child got hurt during his visitation with his dad. He had told me that he fell and hit his head and scraped his face from off of I dont know what and thats he is still playing like a happy kid. my child was only 1yr old when this happened. He didnt take him to the hospital or the doctors but made it clear that they didnt let him sleep after it happened. when it was time to pick up my child from dads he looked bad. when I asked him (dad) more... Read more

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