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They came to my grand daughters school interviewed her and my son , she told them a bunch of lies. They didnt even clarify it with me. I was at work. They had the police to bring her home and get a bag of clothes and took custody immediately without questions. Add comment

Clovis new mexico cps needs a total turn over when do you get called to house with no power,no lights,no water and they sell drugs with the kids in the house even have the kids running the drugs to the cars outside cps comes out dosent even go into the house talks to the lady a couple minutes leaves later the cops come catch them selling and takes some of them to jail still cps does nothing doesnt even think twice about it she continues to sell... Read more

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My kids were taken for me being ALMOST homeless ive done everything above and beyond they lied on my reports stating i made several attempts to kill my self and 9months later even though i did nothing wrong and did everything that was asked from me 9months later no talk on reunifacation or getting off suppurvised visits every doctor seeing me doesnt get it they even said this case is twisted and i should have my kids i have housing and a car and... Read more

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I am a 15 year old living in Washington I have called cps 7 times now, 7 times is a lot considering that I am beat constantly, all I want is help and everytime I call its the same thing they come out talk to me then tell there is nothing they can do to help me, like is CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICE suppose to help and protect children^ like the title says I don't know what to say or do or how I can get help. Read more

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Ok i awarded my grandkids by the judge went to court and won the case but then again i am not allow to take my grandkids on vacation out of state or go visit family in juarez , mexico.its like am the bad one that has to be supervised at all times i want to live like a normal family without c.p.s texting me everday in how are the kid's need permissions just to go anywhere none of this was explain to me before i got them i would still fight for... Read more

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I am not sure where to begin. a little less then ten years ago my husbands ex wife started calling child services on us whenever she got mad at us and would put in a false complaint. The case worker came out and ended up closing our cases because there was no merit in the complaints. then the case worker started coming out to the house all the time when there were no calls on us. Now in the mean time she has not done anything to help us stop the... Read more

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Cps needs to be stopped! They are harming more families than than protecting the ones in need. Who protects children from cps? They lie,lie & lie more. When will they be stopped? Its past time for people to start taking charge protect their kids & send cps away. Read more

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I need to know how to find out how my grandson is doing in Falfuria, TX, he is not supposed to be with his mother but I don't think they can regulate this at all. I have her other kids but she would not let me have this one because I caught on their games and now that poor new baby is God knows where. Where can I complain, who will listen. How can they take away her kid yet let her decide where he will be at? Where is the monitoring. Baby... Read more

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I called cps because of a person killing the self in a home called cps and the worker was the rudest did he hurt the kids no he could of but he didn't who was in the home the kids were but removed before police got there and the lied and said no kids present I've called before because the mother is unstable cuts herself but if she doesn't cut the kids it's ok dam what the *** do you do wait till a child is dead and say I'm bad Read more

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I have had my grandkids pretty much their whole lives one is 5yr old the other is 3 yrs old. Cps removed them from their mom and I was given the kids last March 4. Dec 19 2015 the kids was taken and put with their father, who until this case was brought up never had anything to do with these babys. I was told that I cannot have contact with them, why is my question. The case worker says it will confuse them. It's going to mentally and... Read more

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